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The Tandem-Talk will be shipped to you ready to use. It includes a small black box, two headsets and a 9-volt alkaline battery.

PLACEMENT OF BOX: The amplification box can be placed in the back pocket of the captain's bicycling shirt, in a small bag under the captain's seat or in any place on the bike that suits the riders.

HEADSETS:* The headsets should be put on before plugging in to the amplification box. The easiest way to put the headset on is to place the ear-bud comfortably in the ear canal first, then fit the ear hook from the front over the outer ear. The microphone is flexible and can be adjusted to the mouth at a comfortable level. A small piece of Velcro has been provided. One side of the Velcro can be attached to the back of the helmet and the other piece wrapped around the wire of the headset. This will allow the rider to affix additional wire to the back of the helmet thus securing the headset as well as taking up any additional wiring that may impede the rider.

*Click here for headset pictures

PLUGS: The headset plugs in to either of the two jacks. Simply plug in and turn the system on. Plug in before turning the amplifier on to avoid hearing feedback. Tandem-Talk Plus has an additional jack to plug in to a two-way radio such as, the Motorola Family Radio, for inter-bike or radio-to-bike communication. This jack sits just below the on-off switch and should be used only with the plug provided with the system.

VOLUME ADJUSTMENT: Tandem-Talk comes with a small black screwdriver. Use this screwdriver to adjust the volume on the side of the black amplifier box. The volume control adjusts the volume to both headsets.

TWO WAY Radio     Instructions on how to use the Tandem-Talk Plus

BATTERY: A 9-volt alkaline battery has been provided with the equipment. It is estimated that the battery will last at least 40 hours of continuous use. To change the battery, simply remove the four screws in the bottom of the black case and replace the battery. On new units shipped since Summer 2000 just slide the battery door open and change the battery.

This system is NOT WATERPROOF. Should it become wet, turn it off immediately. Remove the battery. When it dries, replace the battery and turn it on. Attempting to use the system while wet could damage the internal electronics.

WARRANTY: Tandem-Talk is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Headsets can be replaced separately.


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