1987 VIXEN 21 TD RV





We have outgrown our wonderful Vixen 21 TD after traveling the west a few times. With memories cherished forever, it is time for others to enjoy the Vixen and develop their own.

Detailed Info Below.


Rare 1987 Vixen 21 TD Class A Motor Home For Sale. The Vixen motor company built only 78 of these sought after 1987 models! Powered by a BMW turbo charged diesel rated at 30.7 miles per gallon at 55 mph! Paint recently polished and waxed and in reasonably good condition, certainly for its age. This vehicle gets many thumbs up and photos taken.

Noted as the "Driver's RV" from its remarkably low center of gravity, stable wide track, and wind tunnel tested low .29 drag coefficient. At 21 feet and 6'4" high it fits in a normal garage. Say no to storage fees. The Class A Vixen 21 TD provides the comfort and amenities you would expect from a large motorhome.

And high fuel prices do not cause Vixen owners to think twice about a vacation. Go “Back to the Future” in a legendary Vixen BMW turbocharged diesel RV!  The engineer that designed the Pontiac Banshee (like the Corvette) and the DeLorean sports car (used in that movie), masterminded the Vixen fuel efficient motorhome.  Combining a lightweight fiberglass body with a extremely aerodynamic shape, a six-cylinder BMW turbo charged diesel engine, and a 5-speed manual transmission, these vehicles were rated at 30.7 mpg yet capable of 100 mph!

The enlightening Vixen story told by Bill Collins, the man behind the Vixen.
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This 1987 21 TD sleeps 4, has a sink, microwave, refrigerator, shower/bath, 120-volt air conditioner, 25 gallon fresh water tank and grey/black water tanks.  The interior height is 5'7" when driving and when parked, the roof elevates to allow for someone 6’2”.  The passenger seat converts to a dining booth and also to a bed. And in the rear is a spacious full double bed.

This Vixen has the factory original engine and transmission, neither modified in anyway. Additions include an electric primer fuel pump, K&N Performance air filter, temperature and turn signal buzzers, and standard shock and spring suspension.  

The Lifetime Warranty PowerMaster brake booster, one coach battery (all we need for lighting & refrig), windshield wipers, engine thermostat, water pump, timing belt, all other belts (lifetime), along with the fan and transfer pulley bearings, are all new. Fluids just replaced with Mobil1 being the engine oil choice. The rebuilt alternator has seen very few miles, same for the headlights, and headlight switch. Windshields were new shortly before we took possession.  A new headliner has just been installed and the electrical fuse panel, fuses, and wiring better than factory new. This unit has been thoroughly serviced and ready to drive, anywhere. It will have new front tires purchased for the listed price. Used it to get to our destination with rest area naps and camping in national park campgrounds, the plumbing and fixtures have never been put to use during our ownership. The pump runs at the flick of the switch. 

The auto AC needs recharged if someone has the need. The body is in very good condition with the common minor surface cracks around the door handle, unchanged in our 13 years of ownership. With it going on 30 years of age there is always room for TLC and upgrades to fit one's own needs. It is not new and expectations need to align accordingly.

Purchased in 2002 with 94,668 miles, it now has 107,569 meticulously maintained highway miles. Being an over-the-top stickler on maintenance, expect to benefit greatly from mechanic ownership. It's always a good feeling to pass on something in better condition than when acquired, the case here.

Priced very right this 1987 Vixen 21 TD is available for only $18,400, pennies on the dollar compared to anything new that will not fit into a normal garage.  And again, for that price, new front tires will be installed.

Please email questions (preferred):    [ Contact Us ]      or call (913) 962-8866.  Please, no curiosity test drivers or tire kickers. Showings in the Kansas City area, with advance notice,  available for those very seriously interested and who have the needed funds.