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The rewards of riding with your children are plentiful. If you are considering a setup for your child, Please remember us for sharing our experience with you when it comes time to purchase. The kids and their college funds certainly appreciate you!

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Courtney experienced a two month hiatus from riding a tandem with dad this year resultant of selling her "Special Bike", a term that stuck since her first ride at 2.5 years of age. Since we were both suffering from the affects of withdrawl, another ''special bike" (a sub 40# 500RS 7000 series Easton aluminum Longbikes) was built at our earliest opportunity. Needless to say, her return to riding with dad and other club members was with unsurpassed enthusiasm... ...mine too!


At the time of this writing, mid August 2001, she has logged 750 miles so far this year chasing and passing the weeknight riders or while taking longer 28 mile adventures to the "caves" on our triplet with either mom or "go fast" stoker Julie assuming the position of rear admiral.

Did I mention Courtney won the tricycle race at the Tour of Kansas City? :-))


                            WAITING FOR THE START GUN                 LAST MINUTE ADVISE FROM THE USCF OFFICIAL!

Aside from the longer adventures, we are often seen riding our Santana triplet with Julie, aka "Mighty Mouse", when doing our 10-18 mile jaunts to the local playgrounds and Sonic for a special treat while mom and Natalie share some quality time together.

Courtney firmly asking Natalie to STOP as she walked into the picture!
As you can see, Natalie has all the gear including her own skin suit but at 16 months...

Gone is the safety back rest retired to the corner of the shop and impatiently awaiting the day her little sister (16 mo's) will put it to good use. You will also note in the picture that Courtney's seatpost has been raised about 4 inches during the past year!

Keeping a wary eye for a sleepy child seems to be a thing of the past as she remains conscious when tired with the tell tale signs of silence and a hanging head seen rarely these days.

Courtney, 3yrs 10mos at MTR 2001 in Duluth, MN

Courtney's active participation is at an all time high whether it is on the triplet or our "special bike" as she often shouts out "I will get you up this hill Daddy!" Ahhhhh.... something so welcome! She does love to leave 'em in the dust at times! When she does "crank it on" we are seen shifting two or three times on the rear cassette to a higher gear.

And then there is the "Cruising Along" song we are often heard singing as we spin down the road....

Cruisin along Cruisin along Crusin along we go
Over the hills Over the hills Over the hills we roll
Pedal hard Pedal fast Down the hills we fly
No body passes us!
Weee passed 'em aaaalllll!!


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