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Are you leaving someone behind?

by Dwan Shepard, co-owner Co-Motion Cycles, Inc.

Who's the cyclist in your family? Chances are, it's you. After all, you're the one researching the web about tandems. Are there any other cyclists? Perhaps your husband, wife, kids, significant others? If you haven't guessed what this is all leading up to, here it is:

You could be alienating the other potential cyclist(s) in your family if you don't have a tandem. You may already have experience trying to ride with people less experienced in cycling. If you're like many cyclists who try to share cycling on single bikes, you find yourself gearing down or waiting for your friend/family member at the top of each hill. That's frustrating for everyone. Tandem bicycles have often been called the "great equalizers" because they allow people of varying abilities to ride together. Better yet, each rider on a tandem can put as much effort into the workout as he or she wants, so if you're a glutton for intensity; go for it!

Got kids? There's no better way to introduce a child to the thrill of cycling than on a tandem. They'll experience the joy of sharing teamwork with you, while you get the benefit of never losing track of your child during unbeatable "quality time". On a tandem you and your child can explore far beyond the boundaries imposed by the neighborhood sidewalks. Children can literally grow up on a tandem. Using the array of kid-friendly options for tandems, kids can start tandeming at between 2 and 3 years old (some start even younger), and keep at it until they're full grown- on the same bike!

Tandems have become much less of a rarity in recent years for a number of reasons. One reason is certainly that couples today are more likely to find healthy activities that they can do together. Another is that tandems are evolving at a rapid pace, to the degree that their image is less quaint, and more geared toward serious cycling. Properly fit, well-engineered frames and components that are up to tandem duty have come to be expected on modern tandems. And that's the way it oughta be.

Our company is dedicated to making the best tandems available anywhere. We know we're not the only ones who say that, but if you're thinking about tandems, you should definitely have a look at our line. There are several companies making good tandems in price ranges that start at about what two ordinary bikes would cost. But if you're already into exceptional bikes, you'll want a tandem that meets your expectations of what makes a fine bicycle. That's where we come in.

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