ariZona 2004 Price List




Custom Sized Road/Touring (with Alpha Q Carbon Fiber tandem fork, Chris King headset and Bushnell eccentric) $3300
Custom Sized Road/Touring  with S&S Titanium Couplers (as above, plus 1 hard case & 1 softcase, frame padding, compression members, cable splitters, Teflon̉ grease, “Grand Stand” floor stand and combination coupler/pedal wrench) $5500
Light weight eccentric (only available with frame purchase) +$55

Material Options

Titanium Stoker Bottom Bracket Insert Standard
Disk Brake Hanger/Dropout Standard
Rear V-brake Brake Bosses (titanium) +$195
Rear Caliper Mount (recessed) +$50
Dropout Eyelets (single) Standard
Classic lugs (non-coupler version) +$250
Classic lugs (S & S coupler version) +$200
Internal brake cable routing (non-coupler version) +$85
Internal brake cable routing (S&S coupler version) +$110
All cables internally routed (non-coupler version, non-pierced tube version) +$225
All cables internally routed (S&S coupler version) +$330
Additional H2O bosses (per pair) +$60
Pierced top tube and lateral for captain's seat tube (non-coupler & non-internal cable versions, some team weight restrictions apply) +$175

Fork/Headtube Options

1-1/8" or 1-1/4" Headtube Standard
True Temper Alpha Q 1-1/8" Carbon Fiber Tandem Standard
Wound Up 1-1/8" Carbon Fiber Tandem (with or without V-brake bosses) +$75
Wound Up 1-1/4" Carbon Fiber Tandem (with or without V-brake bosses) +$95
Reynolds/Santana 1-1/4" or 1-1/8" Carbon Fiber Tandem +$150
Santana 1-1/4" V-max Carbon Fiber V-brake Tandem (26") +$100
Zona disk brake hanger on above forks except Alpha Q (insufficient room for 6" disc on Alpha Q) Includes Neuvation setscrew QR with closed indicator and release button +$125

Paint Options

Nude (natural weave finish tubes and black epoxy lugs) Standard
Imron̉ Clearcoat (two coats) +$315
Single Color Imron̉ with Clearcoat +$315
Two Color Imron̉ with Clearcoat (short fade) +$432
Two Color Imron̉ Fade with Clearcoat (long fade) +$470
Fork Painted to Match Frame No Charge
Stoker Stem and Pump Painted to match Frame No Charge
Additional decals for name/personalizing - per name  +$25

Built-up Bicycle Options

Complete Tandem with Customized Component Package See links below
Complete Tandem Kit with Customized Component Package (built-up wheels, headset and bottom brackets installed) Complete bike cost minus $125