Affordable carbon fiber tandem bicycles.





Carbon fiber tandem frames with  titanium S & S couplers.



Prototype frame with Ti couplers & aluminum eccentric weighs 10 pounds.  Ti couplers weigh 2.5 pounds.     Eccentric weighs 0.43 pounds (see available Light Weight version below).

Prototype with 26" wheels, 6" front & 8" rear mechanical disc brakes, stoker adjustable stem and Tamer stoker shock post.

QB in Soft C 2.jpg (27738 bytes)    QB in Soft C 3.jpg (51226 bytes)   QB in Hard C 3.jpg (68805 bytes)     QB in Hard C 4.jpg (52982 bytes)

Available Light Weight eccentric (110 g/0.24 lbs.)

Light Eccentric Horz 1.jpg (132017 bytes)              Light Eccentric Vert 1.jpg (50247 bytes)

Adjustable stoker stem now in test

Stoker Stem, JH, CF 1.jpg (24363 bytes)   Stoker Stem, JH, CF 2.jpg (30712 bytes)   Stoker Stem, JH, CF 3.jpg (22753 bytes)   Stoker Stem, JH, CF 4.jpg (36360 bytes)

(Click on photos for enlarged view)

29 -3/4 pounds without pedals and bottle cages, but with fixed stoker seatpost, captain's saddle = SLR, stoker's saddle = SLR TransAm, LW eccentric, Sram hollow pin chains, S & S Ti couplers, Phil Wood hubs & BBs, Avid rear 6" mechanical disc and Cane Creek front caliper brake. RTR Magazine's issue #9 review # 52 of Davis Double prototype (3-1/2 minutes at 56.6 K).


Recently shipped non-S & S version weighed 26-1/2 pounds.  FSA carbon fiber cranks, titanium BB's, LW eccentric, Chris King tandem hubs, 700C Velocity rims, Alpha Q carbon fiber fork and Avid V-brakes front and rear.