Co-Pilot Tandem

Share the world together as you team up on a tandem you'll love to ride just as much at home! If you're thinking of the Co-Pilot as a second tandem, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. This tandem performs so well you may end up sidelining the tandem you're riding now. Is the Co-Pilot a tandem for seasoned travelers or it is a new reason to get out and explore the world?

First introduced in 1993, the S&S Machine Bicycle Torque Coupling™ (BTC) has revolutionized the bicycle industry and forever changed the image of travel bikes. Substandard folding tandems with non-standard parts have become obsolete. Only other Co-Motion tandems equal the ride of the BTC-equipped Co-Pilot tandem.

Co-Motion blazed a new trail for travel tandems with a brilliant 6-BTC system. Since the Co-Pilot tandem frame separates into three equally sized sections, the ultimate in packability is maintained while tandem assembly and disassembly is intelligently simplified. For example, the Co-Pilot has no separate tubes to lose or accidentally assemble out of sequence. Another significant advantage is that there is no need to remove the fork. Plus, the Co-Pilot's BTCs are strategically located for unimpeded wrench access without time-consuming crankset removal. These details are critical time savers that our competitors simply overlook.

No tandem maker is more thorough than Co-Motion when it comes to engineering the location of the couplings for optimum frame strength. Each coupling is fully supported where it is integrated into the butted section of our exclusive triple-butted tandem tubing. Our large diameter bottom tube is oval at both ends and round where it joins just one large BTC. This design provides the best known structural benefit of a single oversized tube as well as lighter weight and the logical simplicity and ease of handling fewer parts.

Because we know you expect the best, Co-Motion Cycles uses only the original stainless steel S&S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings™. Many other builders are now using plated or non-plated couplings made from non-stainless material, which are designed to reduce cost and speed up bicycle production. Stainless couplings assure a lifetime of flawless and corrosion-free operation.

We know that once you own a Co-Pilot, you'll want to keep it forever.

The Co-Pilot tandem is easy to pack up!

Don't worry! Packing a genuine Co-Pilot tandem takes less time than little-wheeled folding tandems. Our three-section design and easy-access couplers keep your packing job trouble-free.

Frame Specifications
Frame Size 21/1822/1923/20
Head Angle 73°73°73°
Seat Angle, Captain 73°73°73°
Seat Angle, Stoker 73°73°73°
Top Tube, Front 21.75"22.5"23.25"
Top Tube, Rear 28.5"28.5"28.5"
Bottom Bracket Height 10.75"10.75"10.75"
Rear Axle Spacing 145mm145mm145mm
Seat Post Diameter 29.8mm29.8mm29.8mm
Standover, Front 30.5"31.1"32"
Standover, Rear 27.6"28.6"29.5"

Frame sizes are measured from center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube collar.
Standover heights are measured at mid top tube.
Top tube lengths are measured on effective horizontal.

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Tandem Componenet Package
Frame Co-Motion designed cro-moly triple butted tandem tubing ForkCo-Motion taper-gauge Cro-Moly, with Co-Motion CNC tandem steerer
HeadsetRaceFace Thermo threadless Bottom BracketsShimano UN-52
CranksetRaceFace Tandem Chainrings54-44-32
BrakesAvid Single Digit 7 Brake LeversShimano Ultegra STI Flite Deck
Front DerailleurUltegra 6500 Triple Rear DerailleurShimano XT 9sp
CassetteLX 11-32 9sp ShiftersShimano Ultegra STI Flite Deck
Seat PostsZoom 29.8 mm SaddlesCo-Motion D2 Men's & Women's
Captain StemSalsa Moto-Ace 8-13cm Stoker StemTelescoping adjustable (see options)
ChainShimano CN-HG92 PedalsNone
HubsDT Hugi Symmetric 36h, 40h or 48h SpokesDT 14 gauge
RimsVelocity Dyad Silver TiresAvocet Fasgrip20 700x28
QR skewersSalsa HandlebarsProfile 40,42,44, or Stoker

Tandem Optional Equipment
Co-Motion max-adjustable stoker stem Co-Motion/WoundUp carbon tandem fork
Chris King headset Rockshox suspension seat post
Arai drum brake with QR kit Phil Wood tandem hubset
Shimano Ultegra Tandem Crankset package Bar-end shifters & 287-V brake levers in lieu of STI

Paint Options:

Stock colors:
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Tropical Green Metallic
  • Pavo Purple Metallic
  • Prowler Yellow
  • Deep Red Metallic
  • Silver Metallic