The Espresso

Although we aren't as well known for our singles as for our tandems, Co-Motion Cycles has built highly regarded single bicycles since 1988.

The Espresso successfully blends our past experience with new developments in tubing and welding technology. Thanks to forward-looking Reynolds UK, their advanced air-hardening 853 tubing is available in more possible tube combinations than any other bicycle tube. This new breed of steel alloy becomes stronger after welding, allowing for pared down weights competitive with titanium and aluminum. And, Reynolds 853 makes our size-specific tubing choices more effective than ever.

Choosing a road bike deserves more attention than simply looking for a tubing label. Mass-produced frames with the same tubing label often are made from a heavier selection of tubes, denying you full performance benefits. A test ride on the Espresso will show you what you've been missing: a crisp riding race bike that glides over the flats, climbs like a cat, and makes you crave curvy roads like never before. The 2001 Espresso is better than ever with the new, oversized carbon steerer Wound Up fork. We've also added more sizes and modernized the fit for today's threadless steering systems to make fitting just about anyone easier. Now more than ever, the Espresso is the ride you've been waiting for.

Frame Specifications
SizeTop Tube LengthHead AngleSeat Angle Chainstay LengthBB HeightSeatpost dia.
48cm52.5cm72.574.541.0cm26.7cm 27.2mm
50cm53.5cm737441.2cm26.7cm 27.2mm
52cm54.0cm737441.2cm26.7cm 27.2mm
53cm54.3cm737441.2cm26.7cm 27.2mm
54cm54.5cm7373.541.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
55cm55.5cm73.573.541.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
56cm56.5cm73.57341.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
57cm57.5cm73.57341.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
58cm58.0cm747341.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
59cm59.0cm747341.2cm27.0cm 27.2mm
60cm59.5cm7472.541.6cm27.3cm 27.2mm
61cm59.7cm7472.541.6cm27.3cm 27.2mm
62cm60.0cm7472.541.6cm27.3cm 27.2mm
63cm60.5cm7472.541.6cm27.3cm 27.2mm
64cm61.0cm7472.541.6cm27.3cm 27.2mm

Frame sizes are measured from center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube collar.

All Espresso frames come with a Wound-Up carbon fork with threadless 1 1/8" carbon steerer.

Component groups for the Espresso:

Paint Options:

Stock colors:
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Tropical Green Metallic
  • Pavo Purple Metallic
  • Prowler Yellow
  • Deep Red Metallic
  • Silver Metallic

Custom Paint:

  • Includes any other PPG Global System color or DuPont ChromaLusion or House of Kolor Designer Pearls