The worlds most advanced tandem factory
We're proud to announce our brand new state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot factory in the Denver suburb of Littleton.  Under one roof we design and build all of our own tooling, and design, build and test all of our tandems.  An industry model, this factory seamlessly integrates design, ordering, scheduling & production.

The best design is worthless without exacting execution.  Since 1978, we've geared our factories around fully automated 4-axis CNC-machining systems.  Longbikes  incorporates the above for industry-leading .005" meter tolerances, facilitating pierced-tube construction and minimalist welds with maximum strength.

No product can be made without the proper equipment,that's why we build our own in-house.  Another benefit of this unique capability is in the ability to create, produce and refine low-volume tandem components (beating the usual limitations on small scale production which plague most tandem builders).

The world's best tandem frame jig began life as a 6" thick, 10' long (quad-length) cast iron surface plate from the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder.  With a total weight of 5,000 pounds, this ultra rigid structure, ground to tolerances of .01mm, allows unmatched flexibility and control of frame construction & alignment.

Following production, our 2-axis optical comparator and 3-axis CMM (coordinate measuring machine) compares the finished product to the design specs, allowing QC people to effect any and all necessary adjustment.  This equipment is also invaluable in lab testing and sequential prototyping.

We began with accepted hallmarks- 1.25" forks, 160 mm dishless wheels, vertical dropouts, and double-butted tubing.  Then through our design and testing program, we've introduced our own improvements, like oversize pierced frame tubes, and ultra-precise welds.  The payoff is in the ride.

Despite a trend towards larger-diameter tubing, our testing reveals most tandems still aren't stiff enough.  Our answer is C.O.L.T. technology (Continuous Oversize Long Tubes).  Pierced by the two seat tubes, our new massive-diameter top and lateral tubes radically improve frame stiffness and overall bike performance.

From the leading bicycle tubing mills come 2 new double-butted tandem tubesets.Our tandems and recumbents feature True Temper and Easton light weight tandem tubing in our new revolutionary C.O.L.T. specs.

From our race car production days, we've painted every type of finish imaginable.  Our 1999 tandem line features a wide range of beautiful "added-value" lasting finishes, from the new fronts in powdercoat technology to wet paint in all its glory--heart-stopping show quality full-length multi-color fades.