Hand Sculpted, One At A Time
The Meridian team has built thousands of tandems. That combined hands-on education has made us masters of the tandem building craft. And it shows in our work. Our pride of craftsmanship is matched only by Meridian riders' pride of ownership.

We confidently back our bikes, because at Meridian tandems are a passion — for 10 years we've focused exclusively on tandems. Meridian's not an impersonal, assembly-line factory operation. Each frame is meticulously hand fit, welded and finished like a piece of art in the Meridian Studio Workshop. Then we pair each hand-sculpted frameset with the very finest custom-assembled component group available. In fact, you can talk to real, live human beings who know tandems and can answer any question.

Prime Meridian
Like a superior wine, each Meridian Tandem represents a finely-tuned, handcrafted balance of characteristics and attributes. Every model is ergonomically designed for comfort, and our unique frame geometry combines lively, agile performance with predictable, secure handling. Add carefully selected components that go the distance and you've got a bike that delivers a lifetime of tandeming pleasure.

The light and responsive tandem tubeset forms the foundation of our hand-built aluminum tandems. We begin with lightweight, Easton 7005 Ultimate double-butted aluminum tubing, custom-drawn in optimal shapes, diameters and gauges to our exacting specifications (except Attaché Travel Tandems, which use Meridian-exclusive oversize double-butted, chrome-moly tandem tubing). Every joint is then impeccably welded by hand, and each frame perfectly aligned— one at a time.

One of the features that truly sets Meridian apart and to a large degree accounts for our solid, stable ride is our fork. Our exclusive and custom-built tandem fork uses 35mm blades and a bulge-butted 1.125” steerer-tube. Matched with our proven front-end geometry the ride-quality of our tandems inspire confidence. And because we know Meridian owners share our appreciation of form as well as function, we apply deep, rich metallic and candy finishes to last a lifetime (see Specifications for color selections).

Love Your Machine!
But value means more than a great bike at an unbeatable price. Meridian doesn't want you to just like your bike — we want our riders to love their machines. And that's why we offer a full lifetime warranty on the frame and fork.

A Bicycle Built For You
Whatever your size, riding style or unique requirements, we'll work closely with you to select the proper tandem. Every model can be made to your exact specifications — even if it means custom-building a bike from the tires up. And in the end, you'll ride a tandem unmatched in maneuverability, stability, comfort and breath-taking performance. Guaranteed.