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Magnesium  Tandem


Who else but Paketa could put together the engineering know-how, fabrication technology, and real-world tandem cycling background to build a super light world-class tandem?


Aerospace technology hits the road

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal commercially available.   Paketa is rapidly approaching a decade of experience with magnesium and their proven world-class single-bike frame. 

The Paketa tandem frame is unlike any other in the world given its unique material is perfectly suited to the needs of tandems and performance riders.  Expect a superb combination of frame stiffness and amazingly smooth ride when you experience the remarkable V2 yourself.


The Paketa advantage  


With a finished weight of barely five pounds in a medium frame size, a V2 can readily be built up into a sub-24 lb. tandem (the Interbike 2006 show model is 22.5 lbs. sans pedals, using name-brand components throughout and tandem-specific carbon fiber fork, wheels with real tandem hubs (145 mm rear), and wide-range 3x10 speed gearing. 

The ride quality is second to none, with nimble, responsive, and predictable handling—as you’d expect. Durability is ensured through the use of top-quality materials, extensive testing in and out of the laboratory, and Mil-spec corrosion-treatment process prior to application of the tough-as-nails powder coat finish. 

Fitting a disc brake is just an ISO-standard disc brake mount dropout away. 






Because of the innovative “compact open” low-top-tube design, frame sizes become almost irrelevant. Standover height is ample for almost anybody front or rear, and with a 72.5 cm (28.5”) stoker top tube you’ll never hear any complaints of cramped rear quarters. Captain’s top tubes are available in standard lengths (measured horizontally) of 54, 56, and 58 cm. For a modest up-charge, custom geometry is also available.

Frame finish is one-color standard.  Optional custom colors, fades, or matte finish clear coat are optional.




A bevy of V2 tandem frames headed for blue skies and open roads.

94% Magnesium alloy
100% American made



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