Santana Ti-26

Picture of Santana Ti-26

Fast enough to win road races. Durable enough to survive third-world safaris. Comfortable enough to make you feel 15 years younger. Choose the Ti-26 to unlock a lifetime of shared adventure. Santana's optional Ti finish is inspired by the enduring brilliance of a polished diamond.

Frame: Santana/Ancotech MegaSize™ Titanium plus
Fork: V-MAX carbon 26-inch
Comparison weight: 31 lbs 13 oz Standard sizes: S, M, L are stocked for immediate delivery
Stowaway version: sizes S, M, L are available for immediate delivery
Build to order frames: Produced in 6 weeks at no extra charge
Components: prestige componentry plus
  — Your choice of standard bars, controls and tires
Price: from $7995