Team Scandium

Picture of Santana Ti-700


When Jim Easton inked a deal with the world’s only source of refined scandium, the rare element found only in Soviet missiles and fighter planes became available to the world of sports. When added to Easton’s 7000-series aluminum, scandium aligned and tightened the grain structure to create homer-hitting baseball bats, goal-scoring hockey sticks and race-winning bicycle frames. Unfortunately, Easton naively used “Scandium” to identify their revolutionary new alloy, thus paving the way for counterfeiters and con-artists. Because international law won’t protect the name of an element, anything can be branded Scandium, even if it doesn’t contain a single molecule of this expensive alloying element.

Santana, one of Easton’s first customers for Scandium tubing, produced a limited series of Stylus singles to gain hands-on experience with this unique alloy. Following years of development and testing, in 2005 Santana and Easton joined forces to produce an exclusive Scandium tubeset for tandems. In the meantime, builders and customers who saved money by buying non-Easton “Scandium” have had good reason to feel cheated. If you want the real thing instead of “fool’s gold,” insist on Scandium from Easton. If you want the planet’s lightest, strongest and fastest aluminum tandem, insist on a Team Scandium from Santana.