Team Titanium

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Since everyone knows about titanium, we’ll keep this short. The other guys mix two butted seat tubes with a bunch of seamed 6/4 plain gauge pipe and a teensy pair of single bike chainstays to create a heavier tandem that looks better than it rides. Santana is the only builder using seamless custom-drawn tandem-specific tubing. (We take as much care with our tandems as they do with their singles.)

NEW stiffer, lighter tubeset features a conically-tapered downtube.

Breaks the 7-pound barrier — lighter than traditional carbon frames.

30 speed mega-range drivetrain, FSA Carbon Pro crankset.

Sweet-16 wheels, Carbon-V fork, Chris King headset, bright titanium finish.

Beyond-style seatstay bridge allows touring tires with V-brakes or racing tires with side pull brakes.

Add $299 for 10" rear disc - or - Reynolds Ouzo Pro tandem fork and two Dura Ace calipers.

S&S version includes Santana's oval bottom tube couplers.

Perfect-10 shifting