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An accurate inseam measurement provides very useful information in optimizing your saddle height or at least getting a very good starting point.  It also provides your dealer with info regarding frame size requirements and necessary standover height.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to follow the directions carefully otherwise skewed info is the only result.  Males in particular need to take special care in doing it 'right' as accessory tissue is NOT included as part of the measurement!



1)  Find a partner to help you with this process.

2)  You will need a tape measure and a large clipboard or thin large book.

3)  Remove your shoes and back up against a convenient wall.

4)  Place the book or clipboard between your legs with the edge square against the wall so that it acts as a T-square.

5)  Raise the book ALL the way while maintaining the T-square effect.  Raise it to the point of being just short of painful.  Make sure your heels remain on the floor and ALL tissue is compressed to the pubic bone.  Males in particular often mess up this measurement by not moving accessory tissue out of the way.  The measurement needs to be from the pubic bone to the floor.

6)  Have your partner measure and record the distance from the top of the book to the floor.


It has been showed repeatedly in lab settings that maximum power for riders is attained by setting the saddle height at 109% of the leg length.  Riders that do long distance often prefer it to be a bit lower as do women who tend to sit farther back on a saddle than men. 

The 109% rule with the measurement taken from the pedal platform to the top of the saddle is a very good starting point but is not for everyone.  Each rider must work to find that 'sweet' spot where it feels just right comfort wise and provides good power.


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