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D-SOL is a multi-functional synthetic fortifier engineered for all diesel engines.
Unlike off-the-shelf fortifiers and engine treatments, which usually contain chlorinated paraffins, moly, or PTFE resins, SFR has patented a new technology that dramatically improves the performance of diesel motor oils.
Used in combination with your present motor oil, whether mineral or synthetic, it greatly reduces friction and can increase the life of your engine. This includes diesel engines that are mobile or stationary.
Since 1987 SFR has been recognized as the world leader in automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, and agricultural oil fortifiers. SFR products are distributed through a network of distributors and dealers located on most all of the continents.
Maximum Engine Life can be achieved by using D-SOL. Extensive testing reveals that engine life can be extended when using D-SOL with diesel motor oils. D-SOL, with its advanced synthetic formula utilizes the most effective and expensive additives available to reduce the effects of friction in an engine. D-SOL is a zinc free product safe for stationary diesels with silver alloys in bearings.
Costly downtime can be minimized through the use of D-SOL, and an ongoing oil analysis program. In almost all cases oil analysis testing at an independent laboratory will show a significant reduction in wear when using D-SOL with the correct motor oil for the engine. Systematic use of D-SOL can help eliminate unplanned downtime, which is the largest expense a company or operator must face in the course of business.
Extended drain intervals can be achieved due to D-SOL's multi-functional synthetic formula. This is achieved with the aid of an inexpensive oil analysis program. This reduces the need for an oil change at a specific time or mileage, but based on the oil condition. This provides savings in the amount of motor oil that must be purchased, installed, and disposed of.
Severe-Duty Diesel Engine Service is what D-SOL has been formulated to meet. D-SOL was specifically engineered for high-speed diesel engines used in heavy duty-on-highway and off-highway use. D-SOL with its multi-functional synthetic formula provides effective control over high-temperature piston deposits, wear, corrosion, oxidation stability, foaming, idling, and soot accumulation. D-SOL was specifically formulated for low sulfur diesel fuels.
Will not void warranties as D-SOL has been tested safe for all diesel engines.
Applications D-SOL can be used in diesel engines of all makes and types only. Do not use in gasoline engines.
Directions For Use D-SOL readily mixes with all petroleum and synthetic diesel motor oils. It contains concentrated oil fortifiers and must be mixed with a diesel motor oil with specifications for your engine. Recommended treat rate is 4 to 6 ounces of D-SOL per gallon by volume (US) or 120 to 180 ml of D-SOL per 4 liters (International) of diesel motor oil.
Packaging D-SOL is available in 1 - quart/liter, 1- gallon/4 liter, 5 - gallon/20 liter, and 55 gallon/205 liter containers.