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GEARZOL is a multi-functional synthetic fortifier engineered for both automotive and industrial gears.
Unlike off-the-shelf fortifiers, which usually contain chlorinated paraffins, moly, or PTFE resins, SFR has patented a new technology that dramatically increases the effectiveness of automotive and industrial gear lubricants.
Used in combination with your present gear lubricant, it significantly reduces friction and can double the life expectancy of your in-plant and mobile equipment.
Maximum Gear Life can be achieved by using GEARZOL. Studies show that gear life more than doubles when measured against regular gear oils. GEARZOL, with its advanced synthetic formula achieves the most effective and expensive extreme pressure and anti-wear agents available to reduce the effects of friction.
Reduced energy costs in manufacturing can be realized due to GEARZOL's super concentrated fortifiers suspended in a synthetic formula. In most all applications the viscosity of the lubricant can be reduced, therefore achieving less energy consumption. Amperage tests have confirmed GEARZOL's ability to save electricity, which can be a substantial savings.
Costly downtime can be minimized through the use of GEARZOL, and an oil analysis program. In ISO (International Standards Organization) 4406 testing, wear particle size is greatly reduced through the use of GEARZOL. Systematic use of GEARZOL can help eliminate unplanned downtime the largest expense a company or operator must face in the course of business.
Extended drain intervals can be achieved due to GEARZOL's multi-functional synthetic formula with the aid of an inexpensive oil analysis program. This not only saves in lubricant use and installation, but reduces lubricant disposal costs that are increasing steadily.
Corrosion protection is important in gear applications, where condensation and water may enter. GEARZOL is highly fortified with extra corrosion inhibitors to protect against moisture.
Excellent thermal stability is a must in gear applications like automotive that are seldom changed and heat is generated. Nothing withstands heat better than GEARZOL's synthetic formulation with thermal stability fortifiers to fight the effects of oxidation.
Applications GEARZOL can be used in all gear types and configurations that require gear oil. This includes automotive, commercial, industrial, and agricultural gears.
Directions For Use GEARZOL readily mixes with all petroleum and synthetic gear oils. It contains concentrated fortifiers and must be mixed with a finished gear lubricant. Recommended treat rate is 4 to 6 ounces of GEARZOL per gallon by volume (US) or 120 to 180 ml of GEARZOL per 4 liters (International) of gear oil. For limited slip differentials only use 4 ounces of GEARZOL per gallon by volume (US) or 120 ml of GEARZOL per 4 liters (International) of gear oil to avoid potential slippage. Do Not Overuse in limited slip differentials where friction is required for correct operation.