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Basic Specifications:
NLGI Grade 2
Soap Type Lithium Complex
Color Moly Gray
Worked Penetration, ASTM D-217 77oF 60 strokes 305
Dropping Point, ASTM D-2265 500oF
Oxidation Stability,
ASTM D-942 PSI Drop/100 hrs
Rust and Corrosion, ASTM D-1743 1,1,1
Water Washout,
ASTM D-1264 175oF + MAX
Timken, ASTM D-2509,
OK Load, Minimum
75 lbs.
Four Ball EP, ASTM D-2596
Weld Point in Kilograms Min.
Four Ball wear, ASTM D-2266, Scar Diameter Millimeters, 40 kg Max .42
Oil Separation,
ASTM D-1742 Mass + Max
Viscosity Index, Min. 90
SFR Grease comes in 14-oz. Cartridges, 1-pound tubs, 35-pound pails, 120-pound kegs and 400-pound barrels.

SFR Grease is useful in industrial applications including bearings exposed to high temperatures and slippers in steel mills, mining, construction and earth-moving equipment; casters in assembly lines; bearings exposed to water, steam and detergents in equipment or assembly lines; and lubrication of automotive systems.

It also works on conveyors, chains, pulleys, flange bolts, ladle slides, guide pins, toggle links, cranes, shafts, stuffing boxes, sprockets, valve stems, fifth wheel, gaskets and packings, and pillow blocks.

Heat resistant formula has a high melting point (over 500oF) which insures retention in steel mill, mining and construction machinery and prevents loss of lubricating protection.

Resists contamination to water, steam and contaminants. Its outstanding shear stability reduces leakage and forms a good grease seal.

Withstands extreme pressure against high-impact loads.

Superior Stability in storage and service comes from premium anti-oxidants. An additive package retains its lubricating ability in long periods of heavy use without becoming soft or hard.

Superb rust inhibitor insures protection under wet conditions.

SFR 2522 Grease is fortified with the same specialized extreme-pressure additives used in SFR 100. It contains a moly, as well as a Lithium Complex soap which has a high resistance to softening and removal by water. Because of its tremendous resistance to consistency change, SFR Grease displays excellent mechanical stability.

SFR Grease is designed for industrial equipment where heavy loads and wet conditions require high film strength.