FAQ's for SFR 2522 Multi - Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease click to go to product.
  Question: When we looked at the temperature range of the high EP 2522 grease, the temperature range stated was 530 degrees F. Can I use this grease if the bearing is really that hot?
  Answer: That figure is the dropping point, this is a lab bench test to determine when in a confined space the first drop of oil runs out of a test container. This test is a good indicator of the overall temperature ability of the grease, but only goes so far. In field experience, over many years and numerous applications, the real maximum temperature for most grease is about 100 degrees F or 40 degrees C less than the published figure. SFR 2522 grease is able to support excellent film strength and keep the lubricating oil in the grease matrix at about 400 degrees F [260 C] this does require an increase in rate of re-lubrication. All greases when pushed to their maximum performance envelope require careful examination of both the type of grease used and how often you can guarantee the re-lubrication period. When you are in the process of changing over to the SFR grease make sure that compatibility is checked with our Binary Grease Chart and as always, when in doubt please contact our Technical Staff.
  Question: run a casting company and we operate on a 24 hour a day schedule. The most troubling area with the constant break-downs is in the shaker boxes. These units hold, pack and fill with foundry sand, the forms that we pour the molten metal into. These gear units are on an eccentric with bearing supports. The bearings constantly fail, can you solve the problem?
  Answer: SFR products are severe service performers. The first concern is to make sure that the grease has a large load carrying ability, the base oil viscosity of the grease should be higher than 500 SUS at 104F (40C) and contain both Extreme Pressure and solid film Anti-wear agents. This is very important because this units bearings and other mechanical parts are constantly under stress from the vibration and shock loading that is the standard conditions you operate under. The SFR 2522 grease fits the bill perfectly. This number two grade grease has a 900 SUS base oil viscosity and contains both chemical EP agents and moly which protects under conditions where the grease has been squeezed out of the bearing. The best change out procedure is to pack any new bearings about two-thirds full of the 2522 and of course use the SFR 100 as the construction aid. If you are adding the SFR 2522 Grease on top of another, call us to check on the compatibility between the two. Then open the drain plug and purge through the old grease until the color is the same as ours. Also for a short period of time, say two weeks, open the drain and flush some more grease out of the bearing. After this period you should be able to extend the re-lubrication interval as your experience with the grease increases.