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(913) 962-8866      10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Central Time
                 Please leave a message on our generic voice machine if we miss you.  
                            Evenings & weekends may be hit and miss as sometimes we do have a life and other obligations!

            We will be pleased to accept your order and payment information





Your Order       24/7

List Quantities, Descriptions & Prices of items needed

Tell us your preferred payment option from those listed below







Credit Card or Intuit Payments Work the Best  

1)  MasterCard or Visa

        Call with your Credit Card Number
                        (We do not have a shopping cart resultant of the thousands of items we offer)

                IF you send the following by email, it is at your own risk
                        (Some split the number between mailings for their own security)
Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date:     
3 Digit Security Code on back of card:
Name as it appears on the card (include middle initial if on the card):
Shipping/Billing address:
                              Business or Residential address?
Phone Numbers, day & eve:
Special Instructions:
(send overnight)
(don't call after_____)
(don't call it is a surprise) 

2)  Intuit Payment Network

1)  Expect an Intuit Network payment request after order placement.
2)  Notify us by email when payment has been made.

Click on the Intuit PayNow Button above for easy Sign-Up.


3)  Paypal

Not for International Sales.

Please understand the following:

1)  You must have both a VERIFIED PayPal account and a CONFIRMED address before we can ship your order. 

2)  Expect a PayPal payment request after order placement.

3)  PLEASE pay promptly after receiving the request.  We devote a great deal of time dealing with the PayPal site, pulling parts, packaging, weighing and in calculating shipping, steps necessary to send the payment request.  When one does not follow through our large time investment not only is lost but doubles as all steps taken must be reversed.

4)  Notify us by email that payment has been made.

Click on the PayPal logo above to sign-up. 


Shipping, Handling & Insurance Charges


Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx Ground.  FedEx Express is available if you need your order quickly.  You order will be insured and you will receive a tracking number via email.  Rates typically run $12-$19 thanks to annual price increases and rising fuel costs.  Deliveries that may cost more include those to small towns or remote areas, oversize or heavy packages, orders of high value, next day, two or three day air service levels, etc.  Orders are packaged, weighed and run through a shipping calculator to determine the amount.  Wheelsets usually run $30-$55 depending value/insurance, distance and whether in a remote or beyond destination.  Tandems are shipped to a business address in the lower 48 states for $200, triplets for $280; add $50 for residential delivery; in some cases add $25 for a 'Beyond' charge for out of the way locations.  All items paid in full prior to shipment.

Why not use the USPS?  Tracking info is available only with the expensive Express Mail option, it is unreliable, they require any packages over 13 ounces to be taken to the post office, a 12 mile round trip drive, and finally we have to wait in line between 10 and 40 minutes waiting for Mr. Snail to do his job.  All combined it is not cost nor time effective and has proven over and over to be unreliable.

Contact us for AK, HI, International, 1, 2 or 3 day Shipment. WE NEED YOUR POSTAL CODE TO PROVIDE A QUOTE!

Add 8.775% Sales tax if shipments are within KS

Thank you for your order!

Expect great service.

We intend to deliver!

Mark, Sue, Courtney and Natalie



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