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  Question: How Does SFR Protecta Fuel System Treatment Work?

The fuel efficiency of an engine is influenced by a number of factors. No internal combustion engine is 100% efficient in converting the energy of the fuel into power to move the vehicle. Energy is lost through the exhaust, coolant, through radiation as heat and through friction between moving parts. These frictional losses can account for up to 38% of the total energy in the fuel with nearly one half of this loss coming from pistons, rings, and cylinder walls.

Some of the reason for the huge contribution of the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls to the frictional losses relative to their contact surface areas is that these areas are not directly lubricated by oil passages. The crankcase lubricant is splashed, and in some cases sprayed, on the underside of the piston and ring area. Very little if any lubricant ever reaches the top, or compression, ring. This is why you will want to use SFR Protecta Engine Treatment and SFR Protecta Fuel System Treatment for maximum results.