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Tandem-Com DIGITAL Wireless III 
Complete 2 Person System


Courtney age 6 & Natalie nearly 4 (back in the day!)
wearing Ultra headsets included with system

Can the system be used with two single bikes or with a tandem?

Yes!  The system works great with the units in close proximity or up to 1/4 mile under ideal conditions.  Riding with a full duplex system (two live channels) permits normal conversation as if you were sitting next to each other.  There are no buttons to push as on a walkie-talkie unless you set it up that way.  You can enjoy increased safety and enhanced communication when riding a tandem or single bikes.  Think of the increased safety when riding with children on the trail or road.
CLICK HERE for a picture of a child riding riding a single bike.

Why is the Ultra Headset so comfortable?

The small speaker sits outside of the ear and there is NO earbud in contact with the sensitive tissue in or around the auditory canal .  The headset remains in place via a simple loop that goes behind the head and placed over the ears, like putting on a baseball cap.  The Ultimate Headsets have cords made to our specifications thus vastly improving ease of use, comfort, cord durability, and cord length issues.  

Will the Ultra Headset block out normal hearing?

No.  The external speaker design does not seal off the auditory canal.  You will hear ambient traffic sounds and be able to carry on a conversation with a rider next to you without difficulty unlike ear bud type headsets.  And if you think about it, traffic approaching from the rear is heard by both ears.  

Is riding in the rain a concern?

We suggest carrying a Ziploc bag in case of  a true downpour to provide protection for the entire system.  Excessive moisture from a soaking rain could potentially cause damage.  Should your unit inadvertently become wet, turn the unit off and let it dry for 3 or 4 days before turning it back on.  Remove the microphone cushions during this time as well.

Does the Tandem-Com Digital Wireless III have a warranty?

The Tandem-Com Wireless and the Ultra Headsets are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.  Should you experience difficulty with your unit, give us a call to discuss your concern.  Items returned without authorization are refused.

Can two people talk at the same time?

Yes! Conversing is identical to being in the same room with someone thanks to the full duplex design.  Both mics are live all the time when the talk buttons are engaged.

Will the Tandem-Com Wireless interfere with other wireless devices on my bicycle?

It is possible but have no reports of issues.  The digital Wireless system uses 2.4GHz technology.  







Weight with Battery?
  • 40 grams!
Battery Life?
  • ~4 hours 

  • 800 cycles = years of use

Battery Type?
  •  LiIon -  lightweight & long run time

  • Larger than a silver dollar and 1/2" thick
  • Small!
Power 'On' LED?
  • Yes
Come with Headsets?
  • Yes - Two external speaker Ultra Headsets, a $70 value each
Factory made?
  • Yes - Automation  produces consistent results.  Case is molded & optimized for its contents
Re-charger included?
  • Yes, charges up to 4 radios at once
  • Yes - up to 5 people in full duplex
  • $200 per person for additional kits
  • 90 days

Can three or four more radios be used at the same time?

Yes!  .....up to 5 radios.

Will others with a Tandem-Com Digital Wireless hear us?

This should not happen resultant of the automatic pairing of the Master with your own system.



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